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What To Do After a Car Accident in Gwinnett County

The first step after a car accident is for the driver to make certain they’re okay. Whether it’s a multi-car accident on US-23 or fender-bender in a subdivision near home, personal well-being must always be the first priority. Even if getting in an ambulance wasn’t necessary, a voluntary visit to the emergency room to get checked out is important. The visit can provide reassurances to the driver, and they’re loved ones…and that visit might prove valuable in later negotiations or litigation for a car accident settlement.

At the scene of the accident, a driver should, if they are able, focus on information gathered in silence. By this we mean that exchanging insurance information and phone numbers with the other driver is necessary. Talking to witnesses and getting their contact information will prove helpful to a Duluth car accident lawyer. Pictures taken with one’s cell phone can certainly be important evidence.

But as this information is being gathered, a driver shouldn’t talk too much about how they’re doing. Everyone from the other driver to witnesses may be asking “Are you okay”? If a person feels fine, it’s human to offer reassurances. The reality is, though, that they may not be fine. A back or neck injury might not start to surface until after the fact. A person can seem deceptively fine if they have a concussion, at least in the initial moments after the collision. A driver who gives assurances that they’re fine, is undercutting their case if later examination proves otherwise. The best thing to say about one’s personal health is nothing.

After a car accident, a driver should just exchange information, talk to witnesses, and take photos. Then they can go get checked out and leave the rest of the lawyers.

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